Food, feed, chemicals.

List of ready-made food ingredients, calories and nutrients, food recipes, catering regulations, sanitary regulations in catering establishments, food production rules and manuals

feed instructions for animals, technical safety rules in livestock establishments, rules for feed preparation in feed processing establishments, milking technology Instructions, sows / equipment for maintenance of stables,

household chemicals - cleaning products, body / hair / nail care products, instructions for use of workbenches in food processing establishments 

Household chemicals: footwear, clothing, rooms, cleaning / polishing / detergents, composition and instructions for use, plant / tree / shrub care products, household appliances care / instructions for use, PVC product use / care instructions, home insect and rodent disposal instructions , Instructions for the use of air fresheners, instructions for animal care / hair drying / washing, sun protection and UV radiation protection products and instructions for use, timetables for use of household chemistry